AI empowered property inspectors

Remote Certified inspections.
Unbiased & Comprehensive reports.

In 24 hours or less.

Sick of Inspection Bottlenecks?

You know you can’t wait days (sometimes even weeks) for an inspection report. So let AI-powered inspections speed up your business and reduce your risk.
  • 24 hour turnaround guarantee
  • 100+ geo-tagged & labeled photos guarantee
  • Objective and unbiased reports
  • Data Enrichment: 50+ data points
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How our AI Guarantees Accurate Reports in Just 24 Hours

Fully Remote Inspections

By conducting the inspection over video call on the property contact’s phone, we save days or even weeks of wait time. We can start whenever the contact is ready, including at time of first contact

AI Image Analysis

Our “Site Sleuth” AI uses our proprietary multi-LLM process to analyze every photo and video to create a visual data map of the property. Giving you the best accuracy and objective feedback on every inspection.

AI Conversation Analysis

Our "Chatter Hound" AI records the full conversation between the property contact and inspector, and adds anything relevant to the report. Providing you with 100% disclosure.

AI Data Enrichment

We add 50-90 additional data points to every residential report.  So you can see the collateral’s true market value and the big picture clearly.

AI Work Progress Analysis

Our AI compares the work done in the photos against its construction database. You get an objective work progress report in minutes, without any inspector biases. Approve construction or renovation draws with more accuracy and less risk!


Property Inspections for Lenders and Investors

Standard Photo Inspections

Get 100+ geotagged photos, with up to 90 additional data points, and inspector notes. In 24 hours or less.

Starting at $80/ inspection

Draw Inspections

Get reliable and accurate work progress reports (without inspector bias) in just hours, so you can approve draws in just 1-3 days.

Starting at $90/ inspection

Comprehensive Condition Assessment

Great for determining value, pre-uw, maturity extensions, and NPL decisiions.

Starting at $95/ inspection

How it works

Simple Process. Reliable Timelines. Consistent Quality

100% Money Back Guarantee

  • 24 Hour Turnaround*
  • QC and Accuracy Guarantee
  • Clearly Labeled & Geotagged Photos
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Not happy with our service?  You don't pay!

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How Companies use our AI Property Inspections

Built for everyone in the business of financing, investing in, maintaining and enhancing properties

Hard Money Lenders

Charge competitive interest rates with less risk. Approve draws significantly faster.

Fund Control Management

Approve loan originations and draw requests in 24-72 hours, keep projects moving.

Financial Institutions

Approve larger collateral backed loans with less risk.


Complete due diligence with increased confidence and & reduce seller friction with out interactive and shareable  reports.


Target AIV & ARV values with extreme confidence.

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Faster Inspections + Better Data = Happier clients & Less Risk


of draws approved


accuracy increased by AI


of same-day requests fulfilled

43 min

fastest inspection report delivered

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Are remote inspections accurate?
How do you ensure report quality?
Who needs to be at the property?
What do your services cost?
How do you guarantee 24 hour turnaround?
What tech or apps do our clients need?
What inspection services do you offer?
Do you require long-term contracts?

Less Risk. Better Reports. Lower Cost. Faster Inspections.

Certified inspections in 24 hours. Guaranteed*
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* Depending on property contact’s availability.